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January 04 2016

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Gabriela Salles

Gabriela Salles

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Tay love.

Taylor Marie Hill

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I have tears

that audience shot oh my word

This is hilarious and I feel it’d be even funnier with context

Idol fans plz explain

Japanese idols are generally contractually forbidden from dating or marrying because as an Idol their personhood is a commodity and they are selling the glimpse of an idea of a potential relationship to lonely otakus.

Idols are meant to be pretty, fun, cute, and flirtatious, so that fans can fantasize about being with them which drives sales of branded merchandize.

An Idol that has romantic or sexual pursuits is no longer perceived as available, in addition to it conflicting with fetishized virginity.

Basically, the Idol industry in Japan is the epitomy of a misogynistic sex-sells industry where the product is a fantasy relationship with a woman who is performing to make herself desirable. 

Many, many idols are extremely salty about this and will go to great lengths to mock and disparage the system, but they can’t do much to get it changed or go against it because their entire career will be destroyed if it is publicly discovered that they have or have had anything close to a relationship or sex.

And the companies absolutely do fire idols who do so, and destroy any potential they have as a career public figure for the rest of their lives. It’s horrifying.

So, in response for portraying a forever single virgin that can’t date, she savagely drags her “fans” who are more likely actual forever single virgins who will never get a date because they fantasize about getting with a highly fictionalized celebrity personality :v

the fucking burn she unleashed oh my god

I originally didn’t get this but oh my god yass slayyyyyyy

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We all have imaginary flat friends
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Ethiopia, 2009.

Photo by Juan Manuel Castro Prieto

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squidward x splatoon art point me to that

gotchu b

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